Regular Instant Chicory (7 oz. / 200 g.)


Chicory offers a vast range of applications :

  • Aromatic: Chicory brings an array of flavors of varying intensity to your sweet or savory preparations to suit your needs.
  • Bread-making enhancement: chicory can render bakery products even richer whilst reinforcing their flavor and extending their shelf life.

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Instant chicory:  The ultimate step in chicory transformation, chicory extract is spray-dried. This process produces a soluble product in powder form which can be totally and instantly dissolved in water or milk.

Instant chicory Applications: 

Instant chicory is used, in particular:  for hot or cold drinks, prepared with milk or water, pure or mixed with coffee, cereal extracts…

With its delicate caramel flavor, it offers a hint of bitterness to your preparations, together with rich brown notes (caramel, hazelnut, crème brulée) to cakes, custard tarts, cream desserts and yogurts.


Roasted chicory grains : for French coffee and infusions

Roasted chicory grains are available in a range of aromas, colours and grain sizes. They are perfectly suited for preparations such as coffee, herbal teas, infusions or any other health-related and/or warm, roasted flavoured drink.

Instant chicory : for instant drinks

The ideal format for dry mixing with your own “ready to serve” creations, instant powder blends perfectly with your other ingredients (hot chocolate, coffee…). Depending on how you dose it, chicory can offer your drinks a full-bodied flavor.

Chicory extracts : for automatic drinks dispensers

With their caramelized and golden aromas, these concentrates perfectly flavor your liquid preparations
offering a truly original taste.

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