Edmond Fallot Mustards
Edmond Fallot Mustards

Edmond Fallot Mustards


Like a great chef, we like to combine flavors and tastes.
The balance and subtlety of our mustards are achieved by the use of authentic raw materials of great quality from the best sources.

Edmond Fallot Mustards
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Fallot Mustard Mill has been an independent, family-owned Burgundy company since 1840. While it has outstanding production facilities, it has also maintained the expertise of the artisan mustard maker.

Eager to fully satisfy the strictest quality and food safety requirements, Fallot Mustard Mill decided to pursue an accreditation process in this area.

We rose to the challenge: our production unit was awarded IFS (International Food Standard) certification.

Marc Désarménien
Grandson of Edmond Fallot

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